Where The Road Ends & Paradise Begins 2017
Top Of The Road 2017
Frank Cooling Off Down At The Lake 2017
Stormy Weather At Sunset Point, Overton Retreat 2017
Headed Up The Driveway, Overton Retreat 2017
South Side of Hardscrabble Mountain 2016 Carolina Elena
Between Costco & the Airport, Gypsum Colorado 2017
Lora Disposing The Grass Clippings 2016
The Winter Mist Welcomes Me Back To The Mountains 2016
Colorado Mountain Sky 2015 Carolina Elena
Head of The Trail, Miller Ranch 2014
Finding My Way 2014
Favorite Rock In The Eagle River 2015
Two Little Sister Trees Enjoying The Sun, 2014
The Tree That Greets Me, 2015
Berry Creek Trail 2015
Sun On The Miller Ranch Trail 2014
By The Fence On The Miller Ranch Trail 2014
Favorite Tree On The Miller Ranch Trail 2015
Good Morning In The Moab 2014
Cold Morning Sunrise At The Lake, Overton Retreat 2014
Yellow On The Miller Ranch Trail 2014
Bowman's Point, Overton Retreat 2014
View From The House, Overton Retreat 2014
Rhett's Clearing, Overton Retreat 2014
The Other Side of the Dam, Overton Retreat 2014
On The East Side, Overton Retreat 2014
Down By The Dam, Overton Retreat 2014
View From The Porch, Overton Retreat 2014
Sun and The Santa Fe Trees 2013
Baby Beach, Martha's Vineyard 2013
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