Begin Where You Are At

The biggest question one may have when you begin to learn how to paint is "Where do I begin?" The only answer to that is to begin where you are at. The key to making it work for you, is to check your ego at the door. When I decided to start this blog, things were going pretty smoothly... then I had a few months of total craziness. I won't go into the details, but suffice it to say that I had to shelf the project of getting this website up and going, and I stopped painting for two entire months to take care of things. Am I back on my feet? Have things cleared up? Well... no. But I can't go without painting any longer; so here I am.

In my hiatus from my paints, I moved house. I set a specific date in mind to begin painting again, and SWORE to myself that I would share it regardless of how it turned out. Going through the myriad of boxes to find all my gear (backpack, hiking boots, painting supplies, easel, tripod, etc.) was no small feat. By the time I got my act together and set out painting, I did not get very far before "seeing" my first welcome-back-painting. it was right in my driveway.


 Headed Up The Driveway, Overton Retreat 2017 oil on gessoed board 9x12.

Headed Up The Driveway, Overton Retreat 2017 oil on gessoed board 9x12.

I am on a mission to learn how to paint. I want to paint what I am feeling. In the painting, above, that is what you are seeing- how I was feeling at the time: ALIVE. I was living life at the edge of my skin. It is not the best thing I have painted, but I need to begin somewhere. The place to begin is wherever you are, at whatever skill level you are at. Just, begin.

I hope you like it.