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Hi. I am glad you are here. I am Carolina Elena. I have written and rewritten this "About" page many times over... and each time I have published it, it has felt inauthentic... like something was missing. A few years ago, I think it was around 2013, I set out to learn how to paint. I had no idea what I was doing, but going to art school was an impossibility. The books and the internet helped guide me enough to find some semblance of "skill" to produce a few paintings. Now, here I am a handful of years later, and I have put in a dedicated effort into becoming a painter, but my skills are lacking still and I believe I have gone into this endeavor all backwards. I was hoodwinked by the promises of the books that are out there. They had me believing I could learn how to paint, despite the fact that I could not draw. A few hundred paintings under my belt, now, and I find myself hitting the wall, so to speak. It was inevitable for I now find myself without enough tools, or rather, without the necessary vocabulary and dexterity in my eye/hand coordination to accurately communicate what I am attempting to say on the canvas surface.

So this is my second shot at it. I have set up this website to share my path with you. Under "work" you will find my paintings and drawings that I consider my best work to date. I will continue to add new ones to the gallery as I create them. My plan is to follow a two-pronged approach for the next few years. One part of my work will be dedicated to closing the gap on my skill set with tried and true exercises in drawing and rendering. In my "Field Notes" you can read, and learn along with me if you would like, all about the steps I am taking... I will write about both my struggles and my successes as I go forward on this path to becoming a better painter. The other part of my approach will be to spend part of my day doing "free painting."  This "free painting" time is where I will work towards painting with my inner voice. I am hoping that my exercise skills spill over, eventually, into my own paintings. How I will juggle both the exercise parts of my retraining, together with my free painting time will be a trick, but this will be my challenge. I figure that if I don't attempt this approach, I will forever be lagging way behind what my mind and heart want to produce.

Wish me luck.