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My name is Carolina Elena and I live my life at the edge of my skin with my paint brushes and my cooking skills in my back pocket. I have been able to get to see many parts of this world by boat, by train, by car, and on foot with a much too heavy pack on my back. Yes, I am a lucky girl. The six o'clock news would have us believe that this world, with it's varied ideas and ideologies, is not as beautiful as it actually is. Let me tell you, it is SPECTACULAR. Getting to know the people and places of this world are worth every second one can spend exploring this earth and I can not think of a better way to live this one life we have. I am fascinated by how we all live this one shared existence. Wether I am painting an every-day-beautiful moment, hiking in a wildflower covered mountain meadow, camping out in a bone dry desert, making my way through a busy outdoor food market unable to decipher what any of the signs say because I don't speak the language they are written in, sharing a terrific meal with friends I have just made or old ones that have been intimately woven into the very fabric of who I have become, or testing recipes and updating my field notes, I am on an adventure of the most beautiful kind. I am using this website as a kind of "virtual fieldnotes box" to hold all the little tidbits... my photos & paintings, my recipes, my thoughts and tales of my encounters. While I record these notes, I am sharing all of it with you. Perhaps by doing so, you might be nudged in a direction you never would have expected, wether that means packing your bags and setting out the door, or traveling via your plate. Hopefully, one more door will open for you and you, too, can experience the SPECTACULAR.