Carolina Elena.jpg

I love this life. By painting it, I slow down and I remain spiritually full. I am sharing my work, here, so as to connect with you. My ultimate hope is for you to look at my paintings and feel what I was feeling when I was painting them. This way we, both, can recognize the same emotion, and pay tribute to all the beauty around us. My name is Carolina Elena, and I am on an adventure of the most beautiful kind; I am becoming a painter by painting my life's every-day-beautiful.

I love being outdoors, so that is where you will find me painting most of the time... en plain air. I love to paint directly from observation, even if it means that my subject matter looks a bit wonky more often than not. My goal is to record what I see AND what I am feeling all on the same surface. Although I do paint from observation, I use every single tool at my disposal to better communicate what I am painting- be it my iPhone (to use as a reference to lock in the light & shadow placement because they can change throughout the painting session,) preliminary value sketches, measuring tools, and every single bit of advice and tips all the amazing painters of this world regularly post on the internet (shout out to them for helping a girl out.) On occasion, I will paint in my studio using images and my painted studies as reference material... especially when I am painting people, or working on larger canvases that have their set of issues in the field due to their size.

I showed up late to the game of painting, but I am here now, trying my best to give my skills the lessons needed to fill in the gaps so that my work remains true to me and what I am trying to express. Despite all the bumps, bruises, and scrapes to my ego, I continue to paint. Why? Because, with making art, there is delicious discovery at every turn... and I LOVE IT.